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The Recreational, Educational and Community Association (ARECMA, Inc.), founded in 1982, has been a unifying force in the community of Mariana. ARECMA has served as a catalytic entity in the mobilization of residents and collaborators to support the integral development and social welfare of the neighborhood. Starting in the 80's, the association got the municipality to activate a disused building to serve as HeadStart in Mariana. Simultaneously, we began the Festival de la Pana, which was born from looking with new eyes at a product that was not valued in the neighborhood for its abundance: the breadfruit. The festival not only generated a new economic engine for the neighborhood but also allowed ARECMA to acquire 16 acres of land; what we now call La Loma - which was vital to respond to the hurricane. The festival also subsidizes services such as the summer camp which is one of the most important and successful projects of the organization. For 32 years the camp has been an effort for the education and development of the children of the community, has helped to strengthen the sense of community and collective social responsibility in Mariana and has produced the current generation leaders of ARECMA, as is the co -Director Luis Rodriguez Sánchez.

board of directors

Rosalina Abreu González, President

Wilfredo Abreu González, Vice-president

Gregorio Cuadrado Medina, Tresurer

María de Lourdes Hernández Soto, Secretary

Vocales:  - Raúl Laboy Abreu

               - Mildred Laboy

               - Abraham Ruiz García

               - Orlando Vega Rodríguez

               - Zoelis Vega

Executive directors


Luis Rodríguez Sánchez is a Puerto Rican composer and singer-songwriter. He studied guitar with maestro Juan Sorroche and Iván Rijos and composition with Dr. Carlos Cabrer obtaining a bachelor's degree in humanities with a concentration in music from the University of Puerto Rico. He co-founded the first songwriting cooperative in Puerto Rico, participating in 10 record productions. Co-founder of the Afro-Caribbean music group Iyawó. He completed a master's degree in composition for orchestral music from the University of Massachusetts led by professors Dr. Bruce Maccombie and Dr. Salvatore Macchia. He has been a professor in the music department of the University of Puerto Rico and musical director of the Festival dela Palabra. He is currently responsible for the production and annual composition of the project in the key of poetry that is in its fourth edition. Luis Rodriguez is finishing recording his new album Amor(es).



Christine Nieves  was presenter and co-producer of the television program En Portada on Telemundo Filadelfia while completing her graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School. Then she studied Masters in Science of Evidence-Based Social Interventions at the University of Oxford in England. Christine worked at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation where she supported entrepreneurs and innovators with futuristic and transformative ideas in the field of health. He then turned his knowledge into an entrepreneurship curriculum for graduate students at the University of Florida State in Tallahassee. In FSU, for its acronym in English, was part of the Council of Entrepreneurship being a faculty member as a Resident Entrepreneur. Born in England and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Christine returned to her native country to be part of the re-imagining of a worthy country.


Mutual Support project


Due to the organizational, social and physical infrastructure that ARECMA had established during its decades of community service, the Mariana Mutual Support Project (PAM) was born on October 9. PAM started as a dining room in La Loma from the industrial kitchen managed by ARECMA (for the Pana Festival). Luis Rodriguez and Christine Nieves, active members of ARECMA, approached the Board of Directors. Then together they summoned a brigade to clean up La Loma just three weeks after the hurricane. To communicate outside the neighborhood, they traveled to San Juan to find a sign. After communicating, debris was cleaned, food was purchased (by friends from the metro area who donated to the project) and a self-talk was passed to summon the people of the neighborhood. Over 22,500 plates of food were served in 3 months. They purchased water filter towers for community springs, solar panels for the kitchen, satellite phone, wifi, and rainwater collection system. Without water, without light and without communication PAM had to overcome the lack of a communication network within the community and the absence of a database of residents of the area updated with the conditions of the people, their needs and access to resources . So they mobilized all volunteers of the Panamericana Festival, and the diaspora community to supply the kitchen with water, food, cooks, and activated the social work students to identify bedridden residents and distribute basic necessities. per family




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